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Did Ya Miss Me??

I bet you guys thought I was going to just drop off the face of the Earth again didn’t you? Well you can’t get rid of me that easy Blogosphere, this girl is here to stay!!

Last Saturday I had my upper right wisdom tooth pulled since it had been cracked awhile back and, due to the impossible-to-brush location of wisdom teeth, then developed a nasty cavity. Add that to my chronic teeth clenching and normal tooth wear-and-tear and most of the tooth had broken off and I was in major pain. So out it came, and next month I go back to have the other top one out. Not sure when or how they plan to take care of the bottom two. They are both no longer fully impacted but are sideways, which explains why two times with braces and retainers didn’t permanently resolve the crowding of my lower teeth and the occasional lower law pain I get.

Then last Sunday I woke up hardly able to move I was so sick. I slept and ran a fever all day hardly ever waking up for anything, thank God my mom was here to watch the girls. It took me the better part of the week to feel even half way better, but I’m finally feeling like myself again, yay!! So I’ll be back to posting as usual tomorrow!!

New Years Resolutions

I havn’t really made any New Years Resolutions for the past three years.  It wasn’t for any real reason, I just didn’t really think about it.  The last time I made a resolution was four years ago on New Years Eve 2007 when I was 15 years old, almost 22 weeks pregnant with Chanel, and newly single for the first time in just over a year.  I had those resolutions on a post it note on my mirror for a long time after.  I can’t remember all of them but some were; be a good mom, get a boyfriend(or maybe it was no boys for awhile), lose the baby weight ASAP after having Chanel, and ruin Ryan’s life(hell have no fury like a woman scorned and all that, add teenage and pregnancy hormones to that and you’re just asking for trouble).  I was, and am, a good mom, if the goal was to get a boy I did that(if it was to stay away from them that was an epic fail, I was engaged October ’08), I didn’t manage to lose all the weight, and I didn’t ruin Ryan’s life(we get along now although he doesn’t see Chanel). 

This year though I’ve decided to make a couple resolutions;
-finish high school/get GED
-start college
-get outside more
-blog more regularly/grow as a blogger
-comment on the blogs I read more often

So what are all of your resolutions?

Making My Blog Look Pretty

Opinions thus far??

Being A Mom Reviewer

I guess when I started getting into reviewing things I never realized how much damn work it would be! I thought it’d be a lot easier, it does sound simple enough, right? A company comps you a product and then you write about what you thought, it seemed so easy and hey, who doesn’t love free stuff right? But once you really start it’s not so simple, and I’m talking about besides contacting companies to try to get products to review, that is a whole different story on its own.

First off no review, or post for that matter, is really attention grabbing without a picture, right? Usually I use one from their site since the quality is usually a LOT better then my pictures, but you have to get them in there with code and such and I always link mine to the site(it annoys me when you can’t click the picture in reviews and get to the product site) so that’s a little more work. Then you have to put at least one link in your post, I usually put more(I also have seen reviews where there are zero links) so that’s a little more. Then you have to organize your thoughts and sound intelligent obviously. I also put the companies logo with a link to the review on a page at the top there under Contact Me. You also have to email the company your review link. Then, and this might be just me but it’s a good way to stay organized, I move the email thread to a different folder and change some info in my spread sheet. And to top it off if the company is willing to do a giveaway you don’t turn them down, people LOVE giveaways! So then you also have that to run.

It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, but still, I like doing it. People read those and it helps them make better decisions in purchasing products for themselves or their families, and in this economy you don’t want to make a poor purchase. Plus the freebies are nice, lol. (And I know, I broke the picture rule on this post lol, sassy mommy.)



This picture kind of explains how I feel right now. I never realised how much work this could take to do. I thought having a blog was easy but it’s not. I’m not sure where to start on some things. I want to register a domain name but not if I’m going to switch platforms soon you know? So much to think about. For now I think I’m going to focus on my reviewing(I have some great ones coming up here) and think about all of this again in summer when I’m less congested and have fresh air to breathe. I love summer…


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