theundomesticmommy.com is a submission-based “public service” blog that mocks parent overshare on social networking sites. It was created in March 2009 and is an entertainment destination for thousands of daily readers. The site serves as a guide for parents on what NOT to post about their kids as well as a forum for non-parents to vent about their TMI-related frustrations.

Unlike other humor sites that post screen caps without comment, theundomesticmommy.com thrives on generating conversation through the author’s commentary under each post. The philosophy behind the blog is quality over quantity, so fewer posts result in more engaged discussions and a real sense of community. The blog covers a range of topics, from placenta smoothies to lessons in potty training to bouts with puberty, and never aims to be hateful or mean-spirited.

So come to gawk, and stay to laugh.