Sensory Play…Huh?

On a reletiverly frequent basis I come across blog posts/pins on pinterest that are about “sensory play.”  Can anyone explain this trend to me in terms of what it is/ why it’s so trendy?  I guess I just don’t really get it and to me it looks a lot like holicopter parenting, but with that said I’m totally open to learning more on the topic before I form real opinions on the matter, so plz explain it to me ladies I’m all ears.

About Ashley {a.k.a. The Undomestic Mommy}

Ashley is a single mother (of two wonderful little girls), a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and a blogger living a life of undomestic bliss in the Dairy State. When asked about what she does in her free time she is likely to appear slightly befuddled and ask what this "free time" is that you speak of.

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  1. It’s actually not a trendy new thing–been around quite around in early childhood education. Sensory play contributes to early brain development by allowing children to learn with ALL their senses. It stimulates and strengthens the neural pathways in their brains. (all this leads to better learning later as well) It also helps with fine motor skills, social development, creativity and critical thinking skills.

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