82 Days & Counting

That’s it.  Just 82 days that I know will be gone before I know it.  Once they’re over Chanel will be starting her very first day of preschool!!!

Where as the time gone?!?  Like seriously here, I swore she was giving me a toothless smile from her crib like yesterday, or at the most a month ago!?!?!  I truly thought the whole “they grow up so fast” thing was complete & utter BULLSHIT!!  But it appears I was apparently quite mistaken, because she is already 4!  I remember a lot from being 4!  You can have an actual conversation with her now(though they frequently tend to involve random and unrelated questions)!  It is mind boggeling!!!

I supposed this is where I’m supposed to say I feel old or something, and I definitely feel older but I don’t think I’d say I feel old per se(since I am only 20 and all).  I’m not sure how feeling old is supposed to feel now that I think about it.  It’s prolly like when you’re 14 and think you’re so grown up and mature and then a few years later are willing to pay money for the opportunity to go back and slap your 14 year old self for thinking that.  Like when I’m 60 I’ll prolly wanna slap the 50 year old me for saying I feel old…

Anyways…I wanna know what thoughts and feelings did you all have when your oldest child’s first days of school were rapidly approaching??

About Ashley {a.k.a. The Undomestic Mommy}

Ashley is a single mother (of two wonderful little girls), a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and a blogger living a life of undomestic bliss in the Dairy State. When asked about what she does in her free time she is likely to appear slightly befuddled and ask what this "free time" is that you speak of.

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