Review: Foot Traffic

What Is It?
Foot Traffic is a website that sells leg warmers, thigh highs, tights, socks, and more! They offer some really fun products that are really cute and fashionable.

What Did I Like?
The stuff I tried was awesome! I tried all the above items as well as some arm warmers and they were all super comfy! And check out the slipper socks! They look like ruby slippers and ballet slippers, how cute is that!! I love slipper socks. They are great for sleep deprived parents since getting up in the middle of the night to make a bottle can be dangerous with normal socks if you aren’t careful(yes I have fallen on my ass making a bottle shhhh). Plus they are nice and warm for cold floors in the winter but won’t fall off your feet like average slippers can. I also am in love with leg warmers right now. It started with my love for leg warmers on my kiddos. They are so adorable! So I knew I needed some for myself! I love the look of the under shoe on and I love the awesome length of the thigh length one! The arm warmer will be super nice in winter because I can wear those with a t-shirt around the house and not be cold(well as cold, I’m a cold baby lol).

What I Didn’t Like?
Nothing. I loved all these things, they were totally comfortable.

The Verdict
These are awesome accessories to add to your wardrobe!

*I received these items in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

About Ashley {a.k.a. The Undomestic Mommy}

Ashley is a single mother (of two wonderful little girls), a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and a blogger living a life of undomestic bliss in the Dairy State. When asked about what she does in her free time she is likely to appear slightly befuddled and ask what this "free time" is that you speak of.

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  1. Jill A. Collins

    Very cute! I wore leg warmers alot when I was a ballet dancer over 25 years ago. Funny to see them coming back as fashion. We used to wear them over our jeans in high school. (The 80’s definately had some fashion faux pas!) I like the ruby slipper socks too :-)

    • I like 80’s fashion a lot and wish I could have grown up then, but I was born in the early 90’s and my early days were full of absolutely horrifying fashion disasters! Lol. I vividly remember a lot of “windbreakers” and the matching pants usually in some kind of block colors type thing and the neon! I laugh whenever I see pictures from then, lol.

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