My Makeover!!

So I’m not quite sure about all the details about how I’m going to do this series yet but I wanna post what I do have figured out thus far, but I’m going to start with a little background info first…

…So to kinda see how I got to this point we need to go back a couple months here to about Octoberish. Actually December ’09 then jump to last October. Anyway in December ’09 I got the Mirena IUD after the birth of my youngest daughter, I loved the idea of not having to worry about birth control for the next 5 years and having my periods get lighter and possibly disappear since I used to get SERIOUS cramps. At first it was GREAT! Fast forward a few months to October and all of a sudden I was hit with hard core PMS, something I now know happens to a lot of women on Mirena. I once again had hard core cramps, serious bloating, and I turned into super bitch for the week before and week of my period(that’s half the time people!). After some blood work I found out the Mirena exaggerated a hormone imbalance I never knew about, a little progesterone and it got better, it’s still not back to how it was but we will all live. But what really is my point here is the bloating. My jeans didn’t fit it was so bad, something that had never happened to me before. I got some cute sweats to wear(I never wore anything other than jeans or something cute out of the house before this) and I just never quit wearing sweats. I bought a few more and so a viscous cycle began.

It started innocently enough with the sweats, but then I quit wearing makeup(I didn’t wear it EVERY day but most days before this) quit doing anything with my hair, including brushing some days, and just in general *GASP* let myself go! I know, it was something I swore I’d never do, but I did. My husband didn’t care I very rarely leave the house so I figured why bother? But it has really gotten to me, so I’m going to change it. Like I said, I have one year before I start a whole new decade and I want to not spend it thinking about all the things I want to change about myself and then just not doing it.

So this is what I have figured out so far. I’m going to start with actually getting dressed at least on most days(I’m a stay at home mom and you can’t fully enjoy that if you don’t spend some days in PJ’s right?) actually wear makeup and fix my hair. Nothing fancy hear but something to feel a little prettier. Then I’m going to move on to my weight. I can’t really complain, yes I put on some weight since before having kids but I used to have an eating disorder and at 5’7 I was only 97lbs, I looked emaciated and would have killed myself if I hadn’t gotten pregnant. I am by no means fat now, I just have that little pouch so common in moms that I’d like to get rid of. Plus I want to become healthy and eat better. And then I’m going to explore becoming more domestic, oh my! I’m going to do some stuff about becoming more organized and cleaning and then about cooking, something I suck at.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to do each part yet or anything or what else I’m going to add, but I feel like it will add to my success if I have all my readers to be accountable to. If you have any more ideas to add or have any companies you think I should try to get in touch with for reviews to go with the series just shoot me an email at also any words of encouragment will be greatly appreciated! Sorry for being so wordy here lol but thanks for listening!

About Ashley {a.k.a. The Undomestic Mommy}

Ashley is a single mother (of two wonderful little girls), a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and a blogger living a life of undomestic bliss in the Dairy State. When asked about what she does in her free time she is likely to appear slightly befuddled and ask what this "free time" is that you speak of.

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