Book Review: Flirtin’ with the Monster

I love to read, I’ve always loved to read for as long as I can remember. My all time favorite author is Ellen Hopkins by a long shot. She writes amazing books in free verse poetry for young adults about young adults(and has also done other genres in other forms). While her books are fiction they deal with very real issues that young people face. In her book Identical she write about a pair of twins who are very different girls and near the end of the book you find out there is actually only one twin still alive and she has been living a double life but doesn’t know it. She is most famous for writing Crank, a book about a girl and her downward spiral as she becomes more and more addicted to meth amphetamine, and the sequel, Glass. These books are also fiction but based on her oldest daughter’s real struggle with meth and the turmoil she dragged Ellen and her family through in the process. These are probably my favorite books ever. They teach an amazing lesson about what addiction can actually do to you and how easy it is to get hooked and throw your entire life away.

I recently came across the book Flirtin’ with the Monster and quickly contacted Smart Pop Books to request a copy to review which they kindly sent me. The book is divided into two parts. Part one is broken into nine parts, seven written by other authors, one by a judge, and one by a drug counselor. They weigh in on Ellen’s writing style and the things drugs can do to a person. I think that it is actually a very good resource for aspiring writers as well as some very interesting reading material. Part two is divided into only four parts. The first two are written by “Kristina’s”(Ellen’s daughter’s characters name in the book, her real name is not revealed in this book as well as any of her other books) step dad and younger sister and about what they went through as well as some information not written about in Crank or Glass that really did happen. The third part is written by “Kristina” herself revealing some other things that really happened and about the struggle she faces every day to stay clean. The fourth and final part of the book is written by Orion, Kristina’s first child who was born near the end of Crank and is also in Glass(obviously). He talks about what life is like for him living with his grandparents(who adopted him) and how he feels about what “Kristina” went through, as well as a little about his half siblings he never gets to see.

It was really great to read about some of the real life things that happened as well as hear some of the points of view of other people written about in the books. While it is kind of sad to read about some of the horrible things that happened it is a very good book for anyone who read Crank and/or Glass. Ellen did write another book to the series I have yet to read called Fallout which I believe is written from Orion’s point of view now(Hunter in the books). I highly suggest reading all of Ellen’s books as well as this one which is partially written by her as well. And to any parent’s out there who feel these books are “too mature” or some other BS like that, calm down! There really is no reason to worry, honestly these books are great to help keep kids from trying meth because you get to see what happens to “Kristina” and that should be enough to help any person say no to it.

*I received a free copy to review. This in no way affected my review and all opinions are my own.*

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